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By Admin 05 11 2016

Vibrant Christmas Carnival on Super Sunday

Let allow yourself to be a kid once again to enjoy the holiday spirit of Christmas. Whether its Santa arrival, or lighting of streets, indulge in a little holiday tradition and give a magic feel, filled with cheers and wonders. Christmas is one of those holidays which is been celebrated throughout the world with much ease and great gathering. Interestingly, whether you are commemorating Christmas in a secular or religious way, your day is surely to be overflowed with happiness. As we know that Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, on 25 December? The festival is celebrated in religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

By Admin 05 11 2016

Beyond Japanese sweets! Discover EN" Style Gateau Chocolate

Japanese food is well known for its seasonal variations, but on the occasion of New Year, we have come with EN" Style Gateau Chocolate. As we know that nothing will satisfy a chocolate craving cake better than one of these delicious Gateau Chocolate cake recipes. Cakes and chocolates are all time favorite and keeping this in view; we are offering mouth-watering classic cakes in En.

By Admin 05 11 2016

Enjoy Happy Hours In The Heart Of Delhi At EN- Japanese Restaurant

Sashimi is a very old Japanese preparation, and one of the seemingly simplest. The dish consists of carefully sliced raw fish (and occasionally meat) that’s not typically marinated and often served with no sauce and minimal garnishes.

By Admin 05 11 2016

"EN" Style yakitori skewer

A popular Japanese finger-food, yakitori are made from tender pieces of chicken on a wooden skewer and barbecued over an open flame with a sweet, soy based sauce.