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Donburi: Japan’s Famous "Rice Bowl"

donburi rice bowl
By Admin 16 Nov 2016

Donburi: Japan’s Famous "Rice Bowl"

Kick off year 2016 and welcome 2017 by praying, wishing for prosperity, safety and good health. That’s because in Japan, New Year is celebrated with great fun and excitement where the festivity goes for a month. Arrival of New Year is another fun holiday with traditional, cultural significance in Japan. It’s a traditional winter holiday for Japanese (first month) where people traditionally refers to visit a shrine or temple between January 1-7 and enjoy the traditional Japanese Food Donburi throught out the month.

Speaking of New Year Day, we thought to share how Japanese celebrate New Year with delicious cakes as they rejoice this day bit different from others countries. With our wholeheartedly efforts, we strive our best to create smoothly and unruffled ambience in En with our Gateau Chocolate. From all time Dark chocolate sponge layered with dark ricotta-icebox chocolate, we are offering irresistible dessert for all chocolate lovers in this New Year.

Amidst celebration people love to enjoy Donburi which is a bowl filled with rice served with fish, meat, vegetables or other ingredientssimmered together. Donburi meals are popular food served especially at lunch time. Donburi is oversized rice bowls also called Don. Interestingly, the dish is sometimes cooked with sweetened or savory stews on rice served with all kind of ingredients. Donburi consists of fish, meat and vegetables simmered together and served over rice. The dish even simmered according to season, ingredients, region, and taste soy sauce and mirin. There are varieties of Donburi made from all kind of ingredients which you will love to it’s a bowl of rice topped with a deep fried pork cutlet called “Ton-katsu”, simmered with egg and sauce.

1. Ten Don

Ten Don is a bowl of rice topped with tempura. The dish consists of prawn, fish and some vegetables which you can enjoy with different btoppings. The dish can be enjoyed with rice underneath with the sweet bonito-flavored sauce. SO ifyou want to have different taste of Don, then come to EN and have pleasant celebration.
2. Chiken Oyako Don

We have another delicious dish which is Oyako Don. The dish is served on top of a bowl of rice with simmered chicken and egg. oyako” literally means “parent and child”, which stand for the chicken and the egg in the dish.
3. Pork Cutlet Don

Pork Cutlet Don is cooked bowl of rice topped with pork simmered or grilled with sweet soy sauce. This is highly nourishing meal that titillates the taste bud. As we know that literally, donburi is a large ceramic bowl, which is being served with different topping, so you can taste with pork and vegetables and carry on your celebration.
4. Kaisen Don (Chirashi Don)

With us, we have another amazing don which is Kiasen Don- a luxurious “Don” topped with Sashimi. To enhance the taste one can enjoy the dish with tuna, squid, scallop prawns, salmon, salmon roe and so on. This is bit expensive as compare to Don”s, but it is definitely worth of every penny! So come and explore the delicious dishes of EN during your first month celebration. Enjoy the delicious and pleasant #Japanesecuisine in Japanese restaurant with your friends & family members in well decorated surroundings. Out here you will be enclosed by rarest Japanese ingredients such as #assortedvegetable,#tempura,#crispyspringrolls,#potato with #blackpaper & #honey and fresh #spicytunaroll.

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